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Words, Words, Words

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Creating words is easy and fun.

The previous sentence could be read in two different ways:

  1. Making up words to communicate is simple.
  2. Writing is not hard to do and always enjoyable.

There can be so much meaning behind how you structure a single sentence.

If you meant it to convey number 1,for example, I would suggest adding “new” to make it more clear:
Creating new words is easy and fun.

If you were actually looking to share your thoughts as number 2’s meaning:
Creating words and writing them out is easy and fun.

The possibilities feel endless. You could even put an exclamation point at the end of either to show how darned excited you are.

The hard part is ensuring you are writing what you mean by using those words in that order. Focus on that purpose. Every single piece of sentence construction matters including word choice (gray or grey), tone, grammar, and lastly, the punctuation.

This is what it is like to think like an editor.

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