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I love working with words.

I have many years of experience writing and editing for newspaper and communications positions.

A lifestyle editor turned government employee, for the past 6 years I have been helping Washington State agencies rewrite their websites. I focus on writing for the web principles including 5th to 8th grade reading level words, search engine optimization strategy, and clear site navigation.

I have recently begun a year-long certificate program in copy editing from the University of California San Diego to expand my opportunities in this field. I am looking to work with authors who need help refining or editing their manuscripts.


My rates differ depending on the extent of the work and medium.

TypeHourly (large projects)Per 1,000 words
Copyediting, fiction$5 – $20
Proofreading, fiction$3 – $15
Developmental (help with story pacing, length, tone, and progression)Varies per project.
Editing and publication of a website$35 – $45
These are general rates based on averages of my editors with my skill level.


First timers

If this is your first time working with me, I will take 10% off the total service price.

Big project, long time

If you are working on a larger manuscript over time or publishing in smaller chapters or chunks, I will take 10% off the total service price. This can stack with my First Timers Special.

Tell me about your needs!

My rates serve as a good starting place for most work. However, these could change depending on the specifics of your manuscript and the timeline of the job.

Please contact me with more information on your project so I can give you an accurate estimate.

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