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User Experience

I enjoy using data to find the answers to questions.

User-Centered Design is an approach focusing on your customers and their needs at every step of the process. A product is never really complete and iterations help keep up with changing business landscapes and user needs.

I have experience creating, leading, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data from:

  • Card sort tests; open, closed and hybrid (Optimal Workshop and open source software)
  • In-person and remote usability tests
  • Surveys (SurveyMonkey, Alchemer and Google Surveys)
  • Tree testings (Optimal Workshop)
  • Google Analytics and Data Studio
  • SiteImprove and Moz for in-depth website usage analysis
  • CrazyEgg or Moz heatmaps
  • Interviews; in-person and remote with individuals as well as groups

To share the data and tell the user’s story I’ve used:

I love learning new software and increasing my knowledge of how to create the best user experience.

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